B A P T I S T  C H U R C H

Our Mission...

What is the purpose of a church? How do you determine where to attend church? Is what a church teaches and believes important? All are valid questions in a day when churches of every sort line the streets of our city, pleading with us to visit them and “see the difference”, or “feel the excitement”. It certainly is not an easy choice.

At Trinity Baptist Church our purpose is defined for us by the Word of God. We have three primary goals:

     The Savior is exalted when all that is done in and through the church is done in a scriptural manner and       seeks to honor the Savior rather than man.

     The Saint is edified when preaching and teaching challenges him to change his life-style and belief so that it       conforms to the teaching of the Scriptures.

     The Sinner is evangelized when Christ is lifted up  by preaching, special music, and testimonies that honor       him so that he might draw  men unto himself.

In seeking to accomplish these goals it is our desire to make Trinity Baptist Church a place that is both warm and friendly while fulfilling our scriptural obligation to “preach the word” without compromise. You’ll find our message true to the Scriptures, yet presented in a kind and loving manner. You’ll find our music honoring to the Savior, yet warm and alive. And you’ll find our members eager to welcome you into their lives and into the fellowship of our church.

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